Beer And Wine In The Compost

Beer and Wine in the Compost
Yes, beer and wine can be composted!

Is beer good for the compost?

Actually yes, both beer and wine can be poured onto your compost heap and bring beneficial results.

Of course you don’t want to dump the beer that has been sitting in the fridge for a while on the compost as there are better uses for those beers (like drinking or cooking.. beer doesn’t really go bad, but the taste may change).  It’s the already opened cans of beer and bottles of wine that you should be adding to the compost.

Alcoholic drinks that were only half finished from the party the night before shouldn’t be drank the next day but your compost pile will benefit from the addition of those beverages. They provide a good source of nitrogen and the beneficial bacteria will love the yeast from the beer.

You do need to remember to manage the moisture content of your compost when adding beer and wine. If your compost is already dry, great! You are also saving water by adding the beer and wine. A compost that doesn’t need any additional moisture will need to be compensated with dry products like paper, cardboard and dried leaves to compensate for the extra liquid.

Remember next time you have have drank beers or wine that just doesn’t taste great anymore that your compost will thank you for the addition. If you really don’t want the extra liquid in your compost give your plants or lawn a drink! Environmental wise the worst option is to pour them down the drain, especially in areas that make use of sewage treatment plants. There is no need to treat excess beer and wine with chemicals, so, compost it!


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