Composting Coffee

What should I do with my coffee grounds?

Coffee grounds should never be wasted by throwing them in the garbage. Instead, you should be putting your coffee grounds into your compost along with the filter if you use disposable filters.

When buying disposable filters for your coffee maker, be sure to buy the beige coloured filters. These filters are unbleached filters that are better for the environment from the get go. The common white paper coffee filters have been bleached and for the sole purpose of assumed asthetics. There is no need to use bleach when creating coffee filters. As far as bleached coffee filters in the compost, it shouldn’t create much of a problem, but composting unbleached filters can remove any worry you may have.

The coffee grounds can be put into the compost bin, sprinkled around plants or mixed directly into the soil. Coffee can be extremely beneficial to soils that consist mainly of clay.

Instead of dumping your unused brewed coffee down the drain, it won’t hurt to pour it into your compost. You can also experiment with watering different plants with unused coffee, many people have reported their plants reacting quite well to a cup of joe every now and again.

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