Eliminate Compost Smell

Building a compost pile the old school way involves throwing scraps in a heap and letting them slowly rot, but, the result of this type of composting is a terrible odour. There are steps that should be followed to eliminate compost odours and the involve inparticular carbon and oxygen.

In most cases it’s easy to come up with greens for your compost from kitchen scraps and yard trimmings, but, it’s very important to remember to supply your compost with an equal if not slightly higher level of brown material. The brown material supplies carbon that the bacteria that breaks down your compost needs to do it’s work.

Though you may not always think of composting these items, they can be found all around your home and are often sent out with the recycling. Newspaper torn into about 1 inch strips are a great source of brown compost material. Other everyday sources include toilet paper/paper towel rolls, paper egg cartons, cardboard boxes, napkins, dried grass clippings and fallen leaves.

The other important piece of composting when thinking about eliminating odour is to ensure your compost has enough oxygen. This is one of the reasons your compost should be turned on a regular schedule. Turning the compost, although necessary can miss the compacted material at the bottom of the compost. Have a pole or a straight stick on hand to poke holes through to the bottom of your compost pile to allow air to circulate. These holes should be made at least every two weeks.

Taking these steps will help to greatly decrease the smell of composting materials. Eliminating these smells in areas that are home to bears is especially important. If bears could be a problem in your area check with your municipal government to see if there are any by-laws that cover how you are allowed to compost in your area.

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