Welcome to CompostBin.org

Composting has benefits that run very deep, both in your garden and for the environment as a whole. By composting you keep tonnes of food scraps and yard trimmings out of the landfill and create nutrient rich soil that can be used to feed and grow your plants and vegetables.

The soil created from compost is of top quality and will save you money when you don’t need to go to the store as often to pick bagged soil to add to your gardens.

As long as plants have grown, composting has occured. Composting is a natural occurence as organisms decompose, so composting doesn’t have to be complicated. Avid gardeners may prefer to take a more scientific approach to composting and there are methods that can be used to speed up the process and achieve more nutrient rich soil, but for others simple is best.

The articles on this site will help you understand some different aspects of composting and assist you in getting the most out of your composting experience. Check back often and feel free to submit any tips, suggestions, questions or whatever may be on your mind using the contact page.

Compost bins can be buily at home fairly easily, but, if you don’t have the materials laying around the house or if you simply don’t have the time to take on another project you might find it easier to buy a ready made compost bin. Premade compost bins go through trial and error to make sure they work to their optimable ability and in many cases don’t cost anymore than paying for the materials to build one by hand. A pre-fabricated compost bin isn’t for everybody, but, if you are interested in purchasing one, check out some options here.