What Are Compost Tumblers?

Coconut fibre and coconut shells can be used in your backyard compost.

Generally with a coconut the meat and the milk of the coconut will be used as food, but you will be left with a lot of excess waste.

As you can imagine the coconut core and shell doesn’t break down very easily, so you will want to try to break up the coconut into smaller pieces before putting it into your compost bin.

Be careful when breaking up the coconut, it’s not worth hurting yourself over as even if left whole the coconut will eventually breakdown, it will just take more time. Try placing the coconut pieces in a sturdy bag and giving it a few whacks with a hammer, but please be careful.  The smaller pieces will have an easier time composting into soil.

The fibre of the coconut will help retain water in the compost pile and when broken down will add to nutrient rich soil.

If you don’t use the coconut milk you can pour it onto the top of the compost, but drinking the milk is a tastier option.

Remember, coconut milk is not the same as the water found in the middle of the coconut. That water can be used in a few different ways including being added to the compost. The milk is squeezed out of the meat of the coconut.

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